What is The Agency

The Agency is an off the books clandestine organization that has it’s own special set of elite operatives stationed around the world.

Bishop is one of its top operatives.

The Agency works for both governments to complete task that range from surveillance, espionage to kidnapping, corruption and killing, if necessary, to protect the safety of the homeland or their clients. 

Their work for companies can include espionage, stealing corporate secrets, coercion of competition or simply ensuring the safety of operations and executives in foreign countries.

Their operatives have been trained to navigate difficult situations, escape and evade capture all while closing the business they were sent to perform.  Their group of spies have survived assassination attempts, initiated lethal force and unleashed chaos to disrupt the operations of entire countries. Their operatives have the skills to disappear themselves or their targets.

Welcome to The Agency.

What is Activated

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Who is Bishop

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