What is Activated

Activated is a series of American action novels and films focused on an elite group of operative working for an allusive organization, The Agency. The novels primarily follow agent Spencer Smith, AKA, The Bishop, and his selected field support team as they set out to complete missions against assigned targets (individuals, organizations or countries). He is supported by a selected field team and associates along the way.

If their assignments weren’t dangerous and complicated, they wouldn’t be needed. How they are accomplished them can be by design or they may simply be given carte blanche and then they become judge, the jury and potentially the executioner.

Welcome to The World of Activated.

What is The Agency

The Agency is an off the books clandestine organization that has it’s own special set of elite operatives stationed around the world. Bishop is one

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Who is Bishop

Spencer Smith, AKA The Bishop, is a highly trained covert operative. He is also a deadly assassin. Bishop works for the Agency, an off the

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