The mission began like a typical kill or capture operation, but this changed quickly and dramatically. It went sideways and revealed a competing powerful and influential counterintelligence organization that had a grudge to settle with the Agency. As Bishop and his team gathered intel, they realized that the Agency might have darker secrets than they let on. A power struggle between the two groups was brewing, and they both were using and sacrificing their pawns in their gambit to achieve a positional advantage and clear a path to attack to the king. The information the agents gleaned from their missions put them deep into a conspiracy with no winners only losers. The onus lay on Spencer and his team to decide how to play their cards. They had bitten off more than they could chew and there was no putting the pin back in this grenade.

This is a classic tale of espionage, treachery and betrayal. No matter the outcome, it seems like Bishop will not be getting a break just yet.

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