Horror of the Shade

Agent Spencer Smith, AKA the Bishop, was finally free. Bishop overcame the odds. He wanted out and he got out. More importantly, the Agency allowed him to leave clean without any conditions and a promise not to pursue or retaliate. The missions they required as a condition of this deal had been executed and his release was granted.

Bishop was finally liberated, living a quiet life off the grid, while resolving some outstanding questions about his past and handling some personal scores. He relocated to a new location, thinking it was all over. Unknown to him, it was a new beginning.

Unfortunately, his retirement destination rattled the cage of an enemy of the Agency who also had an outstanding vendetta with Bishop, Salazar. His mere presence has brought the focus and the weight of a notorious drug lord to his doorstep. Salazar, also known as the Meth God, was a well-connected man with local law enforcement, military leaders and politicians on his payroll. This assortment of powerful characters provided him significant influence over the country and personal and business protection.

Once again Bishop is Activated, but this time it’s different. He’s not doing their dirty work, this time it’s personal and a target of his choosing. He has agreed to work with the Agency on this endeavor only. Salazar’s vendetta lead to a unforgiveable act that requires swift and painful response.

There is a horror lurking in the shade; will Spencer be able to survive this new adversary? What’s the fate of Salazar in Bishop’s crosshairs or is Bishop’s fate in Salazar’s hands?

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